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Alexander (Alec) Mee was a cousin of Sandy, George & Ted Mulligan. He also joined the New Zealand Army and, shortly after marrying Jessie Coutts, he went into Camp to begin training for service overseas.

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Letter postmarked 8 August, 1917

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Letter postmarked 6 September, 1917

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Letter postmarked 17 September, 1917


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Letter postmarked 26 September, 1917

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[Pre-printed form:]
Reply to: 14 Company, 2 Bat 2 Regt
Stationed at Seningham[?]
Still in Billets

Sept 23, 1917

My Dear Wife,
When you come to this part of my letter you will see I did not get the rest away, as I thought I had the letter all right, & the next morning I was mess orderlie in the rush I forgot to give it too him. However there is another lad going tomorrow, so I will try again, you get ten days when you are here 12 months. It will be a while I get away. I don't think any of us N Zealanders will be here when my time comes, they are shaking up the Germans now we have the best of it alround. Fritz is getting full of it & not before time.

In my last letter I was saying I might be away from here but we have not shifted yet they say we are going this week into the front line up Ypres way, a pretty lively place, I think. The church Bells are ringing for afternoon service. The Frenchies are great at attending their churches. They have little places anywhere in the country where they worship.

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The 4th Brigade are away about 9 miles from us. I would like to go & see them but the distance is too much, for me. I would like to see them because the most of the boys I knew well are in it. I have not dug out A McIntosh R Westwood or W Walker I know where most of the other boys are, I just found out today there is a chap called J Ramsay a brother of Mollys husband in our platoon. Geo & Sandy Mulligan rode over to see me last Sunday. They are looking well, Sandy especially. He is a Warrant Officer wears a fine[?] uniform he had just come back from leave in Ireland, had a great time among the Mulligans, he told me there was one very like me. We had Bible Class this afternoon, followed by tea in the Y.M.C.A. every Sunday evening the Y.M.C.A. gives a tea to the Bible Class boys or (Men of Goodwill) after the class we had a sing song it was alright it made me think of choir practice, only one thing missing the girls voices expecially that nice looking girl who used to sit in the second seat the one Archie Irvine took the fancy too. What a chance he had. I mind now he used to come to the store to tell his troubles. Dear Jessie, I would give a lot to be near that store again. Wouldn't we have a time We would go for a row on the river & walk on the beach & finish with supper & a smoodge on the couch XX I think I will go home sweetheart, I don't know I believe I will have a smoke & warm my feet, XX eh?

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I have been at church & am now in the tent in bed, where I soon will have to draw this to a finish. By the ime you get this Sweetheart it will be very near Dec 5th & I hope & will pray that everything will go alright with you. I would do anything to be with you & I know you have a brave heart, that will carry you through. I hope I will be there in time for the christening, I will have to go love lights out has went.

Now, Goodnight love, my heart is ever with you, & I ask God to look after you till I return

Your loving & true husband Alec