Thanks & Credits

This website and associated Twitter account were created by Bryan Mulligan, a second cousin of Sandy Mulligan. While Bryan created and published it, he could not have done so without the assistance of a number of others.

First and foremost thanks go to Sandy's son and daughter-in-law, Graeme and Marie, who have not only preserved most of the artefacts displayed herein, but also shared access to them unstintingly.

Thanks also to Graeme's son Reece who provided an invaluable email conduit between Bryan and Graeme.

Thanks must also go to another cousin, the late Ronald James Mulligan, who some years ago transcribed Sandy's Diary, in addition to providing valuable documentary insights into various parts of our collective family history.

Alexander Mee's documents were brought to my attention, and access to them facilitated, by the Dunedin office of .

Finally, publication of these documents has been supported financially through the generosity of .